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Microsoft Announces DMARC Aggregate and policy handling rollouts for 2023 Bookmark

Microsoft støtter endelig DMARC policy regler fra høsten 2023. Tidligere har man bare satt i karantene (QUARANTINE) selv om det har vært DMARC policy REJECT. Dette er en betydelig forbedring av sikkerheten.

Microsoft recently announced that it will be rolling out DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) aggregate and policy handling features in 2023. This new development is a critical step toward strengthening email security and preventing email fraud.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s announcement of DMARC aggregate and policy handling rollouts for 2023 is a significant step toward improving email security. Organizations should consider implementing DMARC policies to protect their email domains and prevent email fraud. With the new DMARC aggregate and policy handling features, Microsoft is making it easier for organizations to manage their DMARC policies and monitor their email activity, providing a more secure email environment for all.

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