SaaS DNSFilter Service

SaaS DNSFilter - Enterprise trusselbeskyttelse for alle!

Beskytt enkelt og raskt hele organisasjonen fra nettbaserte sikkerhetstrusler og uønsket innhold. Få et ekstra lag av beskyttelse for enheter som befinner seg nettverket, på hjemmekontor eller reise. Med kunstig intelligens og et industrilendende globalt nettverk for kan vi tilby den beste DNS Filtreringen for virksomheter i alle størrelser og alle behov. Sett opp på få minutter uansett størrelse på virksomheten. Anycast nettverk med noder verden rundt er alltid tilgjengelig. Signere opp en 14 dagers demo nederst på siden. 
Vi distribuerer flere teknologier.
DNS Filtrering - endre enkelt din DNS og få full sikkerhet. Klienter for roaming beskyttelse.
Webisolering - Surf 100 % sikkerhet gjennom SafeBrowser virtuell microserver
Nettleser utvidelse - full sikkerhet for din nettleser, surfing, linker, nedlastinger osv

Features detail


Malware Protection

It’s very hard to find data to show people who don’t care or don’t know about malware. People may not know the details, but almost everyone knows it’s a significant risk. DNSFilter blocks malwares, botnet, phishing, ransomware and many other threats with global, top-class protection feeds.

Content filter

Content filtering is a way to block web content you deem inappropriate. These may be sites that are dangerous, distracting, or unsavoury.
High protection customization according to over 90 system blacklist categories updated 24×7.


Stop accessing countries with a reputation for ransomware, malware and other risks.

Search engine protection

Remove offensive search results (e.g. porn or violence) from Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Report & Analysis

Reports by categories and macro-categories visited, in real time and scheduled by e-mail.

Multi-tenant dashboard

Allows administrators to easily create and manage tenants (clients), who are isolated from each other under a single deployment.

Group filtering

Allows administrators to easily create and manage tenants (clients), who are isolated from each other under a single deployment.

Granular Filtering

The Pro+ product allows DNSFilter to be deployed with individual profiles or device-specific profiles.

End-Point Protection

A downloadable, secure app is available as part of the Pro+ product.
Devices operate under centralized DNSFilter protection in the home-office, café and anywhere. No router dependency.

MS Active Directory

Pro+ version allows for integration with both on-premise and cloud-based Active Directory environments.
This is done using a native MS Windows Connector Plug-in.

On-premise DNS (CloudBox)

The idea is to fully optimise the filter to cater to your own needs. However, this is not a dedicated appliance, but rather a very light application that runs on existing IT systems within the end user. It should permit a latency performance trending to under 5ms.

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