Osterman Research  - derfor trenger O365 ekstra sikkerhet med 3.parts produkter sikkerhet. oversikt. kontroll. compilance.


Helt nødvendig å sikre sin O365 med 3.parts produkter

Ny analyse anbefaler bruk av 3.parts sikkerhetsverktøy til Office 365

Viste du at at i gjennomsnitt bruker alle Office 365 kunder 37 % av sine kostnader på 3.parts løsninger ? Og at det faktisk er helt nødvendig ?

A recent white paper by Osterman Research has shown that while Office 365 has many benefits, its broad, one-size-fits-all approach means it leaves out many scenarios and use cases. While the authors make clear that they still recommend use of Office 365 – it still has many benefits -  they highlight specific areas where organizations may require use of additional tools, particularly those that work in highly regulated industries.

In fact, they point out that nearly a third of organizations surveyed are already planning on investing in additional solutions, with 37% of typical Office 365 budgets being used for investments in third-party tools. They also make the key point that organizations can actually lower the total cost of Office 365 deployments by investing in third-party tools for specific functionality.

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